Hitachi Data Systems today introduced all new file and content services that dramatically simplify data management. The newly unveiled Hitachi Data Discovery Suite delivers powerful content index and search services across network attached storage (NAS) and content archive environments—an industry first that breaks through the traditional barriers of stovepipe storage infrastructures and mitigates the risk of unmanaged or rogue data. With today’s announcement, Hitachi delivers common search, retention, movement and protection of data—extending its proven capabilities in block storage data management to file services with in an integrated services oriented platform.

Today’s organizations are faced with severe business challenges as a result of the rapid growth of unstructured data stored across multiple storage infrastructures and data centers. According to an April 2006 IDC report , the cost of ineffective search is estimated at $5,251 per worker per year. For 1,000 workers, the cost is estimated at $5.25 million. The risks associated with failed or prolonged searches for legal discovery or compliance can be even higher.

"Today, there is a large percentage of corporate data that is considered unmanaged or rogue posing serious security and compliance risks to businesses," said Laura DuBois, research director, Storage Software, IDC. "As companies grapple with how to manage this information and put policies around it — from archiving, to storage, to search and retrieval — IT departments are looking for the best solutions to manage their expanding information vaults. With the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite, Hitachi Data Systems offers a viable solution to companies who are trying to eliminate risk and manage rogue data before it impacts the bottom line."

"Organizations are spending millions per year in e-discovery and these costs are compounded by the escalating expenses associated with storage sprawl in environments with large amounts of file based or unstructured data," said John Mansfield, senior vice president, Global Solutions, Strategy and Development, Hitachi Data Systems. "Previous generation file storage products were not designed to be efficient in terms of storage utilization and data management. We are taking our proven experience in storing and managing block storage environments and extending that strength to file services—reducing the risk of rogue data, while improving operating efficiencies."

"Hitachi has clearly done its homework with Hitachi Data Discovery Suite," said John Webster, Principal IT Advisor, Illuminata, Inc. "Storage administrators should find in the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite an environment in which to engage their internal records managers, auditors, and attorneys in an ongoing discussion on policy implementation and lifecycle management."

Introducing the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite: Unlocking the Value of Data
Simplifying data management with an integrated services approach to storage, Hitachi is enabling both customers and independent software vendor (ISV) partners to search multiple data sources with just a single query from a single user interface with the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite. This powerful software empowers customers and ISV partners to perform such functions such as self-service file restoration, cross—platform search and retrieval, and reporting of file-based tiering. With the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite, complex tasks associated with e-discovery become simpler, more efficient and cost-effective—unlocking the true value of data.

"With the announcement of the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite, last year's FAST Partner of the Year, Hitachi Data Systems, extends the value of FAST’s solutions, initially pioneered in the Hitachi Content Archive Platform, to the Hitachi High Performance NAS Platform," said John M. Lervik, CEO of FAST. "Specifically, Hitachi Data Discovery Suite provides federated search across many file storage instances, simplified HSM functions, and assistance in understanding discovery risks with storing files across a continuum of platforms. It is one thing to do this in a tightly controlled environment; however, in a complicated world of controlling rogue data this task is daunting at best. Hitachi Data Discovery Suite allows both end users and ISVs to control the broad problem of unmanaged unstructured data. FAST is excited to see future innovations both within Hitachi and on top of the FAST ESP search platform that will benefit our respective ISV programs."