Hitech Cloud is a global Cloud Server provider and IT Services Company that offers easy-to-use Cloud Servers with instant, flexible computing capacity.It is created to revolutionize IT managed services by providing affordable services to all businesses, no matter their size. No matter how many employees you have, we have affordable solutions for your business needs. As well as Cloud Servers, Hitech Cloud also offers Managed Cloud Servers and desktop services. We hold our forte in seamlessly managing our extensive range of application hosting and Quickbooks hosting services delivered over highly-secured and robust data centers. We help our clients in achieving their business benchmarks by virtually extending affordable state-of-the-art business functionality.With our Headquarters located in United States, our services extend across 40+ countries. Possessing highly-secured and personalized data centers in Chicago, Dallas and Seattle, we aim to build a redundant cloud environment with SAS 70 Type II compliance and numerous layers of security along with the provisioning of rolling data backup. We at HitechCloud believe that strong support is the backbone of every business operations. Owing to our promise of reliability and availability, we extend our 24x7support through expert staff that is trained to handle troubleshooting, escalations and phone-based enquiries thereby delivering timely response. We aim to work on a structured and well-planned business line thereby building better understanding of customer requisites and framing the appropriate cloud computing environment for our customers. We string the benefits of streamlined fiscal management, swiftness in operations, timely service delivery and enhanced flexibility with our cloud hosted services.