Hk Clothing is an Australian martial arts inspired and lifestyle apparel business. Established in 2013, Hk began operating solely on line.

Hk Clothing was born out of the hardships endured by its founder while living on the streets. The hardships and challenges endured during this very difficult and dark period have been embraced to give others the strength and will to succeed. Hk Clothing represents resilience, toughness and encompasses the various strengths required to stand up and achieve (mental, emotional, physical and psychological)

Our supplier's production facilities have been rated among the highest in the industry for quality by demanding inspection teams from prominent companies. Our suppliers consistently update and improve their manufacturing facilities, making full use of all the technological advancements in the textile industry.

We believe that good workplace standards, decent health and safety requirements, fair pay and conditions, and care for the environment are important elements in business success.

Our production facilities are W.R.A.P (world responsible accredited production) certified, ensuring a sweat-shop free product and ethical work conditions.