HockeySkillsTraining.com is bringing the power of technology & Professional Instruction to hockey. The website launched by NHL Coaches, was designed to help hockey players of all ages and levels, get access to professional instruction anytime, anywhere. By sharing their knowledge and expertise, the coaches have developed custom video lessons to improve hockey skills in all areas.

Online is the place to go for information these days. Since proper technique is the foundation of what separates the pros from the rest, HockeySkillsTraining.com is on a mission to help develop as many players as possible from anywhere in the word. Training is provided by NHL Shooting & Scoring coach Tim Turk, NHL Skating coach Lucas Lawson, Pro Stick Handling coach Matt Korthuis and NHL Mindfulness Training coach Kris Beech.

The website offers over 200 instructional videos and each skill series can be accessed separately or as part of a package. Subscribers to HockeySkillsTraining.com will learn the same tips & techniques that NHL coaches use and teach beginners to Pros. Video Lesson topics include - the three types of quick release shots, power Starts - Steps 1 & 2, top hand control, and the significance of breath awareness.

“Our site offers valuable Online Hockey training that will increase your knowledge and confidence on the ice! Technique is everything, and we want every hockey player to get an opportunity to climb to the next level of their game.” says Tim Turk of HockeySkillsTraining.com.

Apart from expert NHL coaches, the platform also allows learning to take place anytime, anywhere at the pace desired by the player. All Videos are available immediately with unlimited access for 1 full year!

“Great videos! Excellent source of tips & knowledge to be learned here, regardless of what skill you are looking to improve.” says a recent subscriber.

HockeySkillsTraining.com, also offers other hockey development services, such as hockey drills, video analysis, and one-on-one player consultations. The site also features a blog focused on all aspects of the game, and a monthly newsletter that covers hockey articles, drills, tips and more.