Michael W. Hoffman formed Hoffman & Associates in 1991 with a focus on Estate Planning, General Business and Tax.  Hoffman & Associates has grown to include two partners, one of counsel, three associates, two accountants, one marketing director, one paralegal and two administrative personnel.  Our mission is to assist clients in achieving their personal goals by providing them with appropriate legal services.  We strive to provide the highest quality service in a comfortable environment, with appropriate commitment to our profession and community.

Hoffman & Associates has a base of approximately 200 local corporations and other business entities for which we act as general or special counsel.  We provide a wide variety of legal services to these clients, advising them on corporate, tax, business, succession planning, estate planning and other legal matters.  We find and monitor other lawyers when required legal services are outside our expertise.

Our background in law, accounting and business is unique.  In addition to being a strong team of attorneys, we also have people with the following designations: CPA (3), MBA, MPA, LLM (Tax).  We have members who have been partners in large international accounting firms or owners of their own accounting or law firms.  Our combined background and dedication to service means that our clients have exceptional expertise at their disposal and operating on their behalf.  Additionally, we have lawyers on staff licensed in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Ohio.

We also assist clients with general business matters such as business acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations and liquidations.  We prepare and review contracts, leases, tax returns, as well as perform general corporate work, including organization and maintenance of corporate records.

We handle a wide range of tax matters for corporate and individual clients.  Primarily, these services are in the area of corporate and individual tax planning, estate and gift matters, deferred compensation and benefit arrangements, pension and profit sharing, U.S. companies doing business abroad, tax controversy matters, state and local taxation and exempt organization.  Most unusual for a law firm, Hoffman & Associates has a separate Tax Section that is responsible for complicated tax return preparation and reporting, often handling specialty matters outside the scope of most tax return prepares serving our clients.

We are very experienced in the Probate and Fiduciary Law areas, helping clients comply with their fiduciary duties imposed by local law on executors and trustees, as well as tax strategies and meeting their IRS responsibilities.  We assist in resolving conflicts, negotiate creative solutions, and if necessary or arbitration.