Hole19 Golf offers accurate GPS distances on over 42,000 course maps. Simple score and stat tracking. Completely free with no strings attached. Get Hole19 and experience golf like never before. Over 1.3 million golfers around the world trust Hole19 because it delivers useful, game-enhancing features:

Before Round:
* Discover courses, we have over 42,000 courses all over the world!
* Book Tee Times. Book and find deals available on over 3,300 golf courses across the world.

During Round:
* Get accurate GPS distances. Measure distances to the front, back and centre of the green, and all key hazards.
* Distances at a glance. Smartwatch compatible, so that you can focus on what matters the most: your game.
Get immediate feedback on how far you hit your last shot
*Shot by shot tracking. Using advanced input, you can track each shot you make during your round.

After Round:
* Digital Scorecard. Track your score on our digital scorecard and save it for reviewing in the clubhouse.
* Track your stats. See your performance graphically in driving, greens, short game, putting, and overall scoring
* Share your round scorecard and highlights with your friends on social networks
* Refer to and learn from previous rounds on the Hole19 Clubhouse web platform

Main Product Features on both iOS and Android:

* GPS Distances
- Distances to the front, back and centre of the green and all key hazards.
- Aerial imagery for over 42k courses (and counting) including great coverage in US & UK
- No Scoring Mode available, enabling you to use only the GPS feature.

* Statistics Tracking
Stats drive insights back to players in the form of engaging graphics
- Simple input: record key stats during a round, including strokes, putts and driving accuracy.
- Advanced input: shot-by-shot tracking with club info input
- Stableford and stroke (gross and net) scoring

* Digital Scorecard
- Visualise scores digitally on your phone or in the Hole19 Clubhouse

* Tee Times Booking
- Tee Time deals and offers available on over 3,300 golf courses.

* Social sharing
- Users can share their progress and love of the game with our active community of golf enthusiasts.

* Apple Watch and Android Wearables integration.

Premium Features available with InApp Purchases or Hole19 Web Store

Hole19 offers a 30-day free trial: golfers have the option to trial our premium features free of charge for 30 days before then paying for one of our premium packages.

• Club Recommendation: Hole19 will now show you recommended clubs, based on your personal distances.

• Handicap Simulator: Track the impact a round you play has on your handicap.

• Distance Tracker: quickly and easily measure the distance of your last shot.

• Performance Statistics: get a deeper insight into the development of your game over time. Trendline graphs showing key statistics such as Scoring, Driving Accuracy and more.

• Auto-Change Hole: Walk from green to tee and your App will change hole automatically.

• Notes: improve your course management strategy by adding notes to any hole.

• Highlights: showcase the highlights of your golf career summarised in one place. Best Hole, Best Score, Most Played Course and more.

Product Features Exclusive for iOS (so far):
* Club Recommendation (Available with Premium upgrade or as a 1-feature only)

Product Features Exclusive for UK, Ireland and Rest of Europe (so far):
* Handicap Simulator (iOS & Android)

Hole19 Numbers:

* 181 countries and 14 languages
Latest countries added: Armenia, Burkina Faso, Cook Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Georgia.
Top 3 Countries with the latest courses added: Japan (241), United States (97), South Korea (82)
* Users: +1.3M
* Courses mapped globally: +42,000
* Courses mapped in the US: 18,000
* Courses mapped in the UK: 4,000
* Rounds played to date: +10,000,000
*Top 3
 - USA. 2,693,057 rounds
 - United Kingdom 1,912,806
 - Germany 788,679
* Rounds played in August: Over 400,000
The golfer with the most rounds played is from Alabama, with more than 1,200 rounds. He’s been using Hole19 App for the past 3 years.
*Bookable Courses: +3,300

Hole19 User Base by the Numbers:

* Average age: 41 years
* Average handicap: 21
* Rounds per User: 10 rounds played
* Gender Split: Male - 94.68%, Female - 5.32%

Hole19 For Business
* Reach:
Hole19 offers the opportunity to connect with avid golfers worldwide. Partnering with us will help to communicate the right message to a relevant segment of golfers in key locations.
Hole19 users can also take advantage of this, by having access to exclusive offers whenever they are available.

* Some of Hole19 Partners:
  - Turismo de Portugal
  - Casio
  - Costa del Sol
  - Tap Air Portugal
  - NAU Hotels & Resorts
  - FootJoy
  - Vice
  - InterContinental
  - Sheraton Resorts
  - Discovery Hotel Management