Holiday Recreation Center, Inc.--or Holiday Hill, as it is known colloquially--is an outdoor child and family focused recreational, educational, and human development business. It operates Mansfield’s Holiday Hill Day Camp, a youth camp licensed by the State of Connecticut and accredited by the American Camp Association, a three-season catered wedding and party venue, a challenge and adventure ropes course program for team-building, group and personal development, and a summer swim club for area families and individuals.

Holiday Hill is located on twenty-five acres of rural land on Chaffeeville Road in Mansfield Center, Connecticut. It is three miles south of the University of Connecticut’s Storrs campus, just off of Storrs Road (CT Route 195) that connects UCONN to Windham and the city of Willimantic, site of Eastern Connecticut State University and the EASTCONN Regional Educational Service Center. It borders the Mansfield Hollow Wildlife Area adjacent to Mansfield Hollow State Park.

Products and Services:

Mansfield’s Holiday Hill Day Camp
•     The camp provides summer child-care, development, and enrichment opportunities to families with children ages 4-15 years.
•     It is the only summer camp program in the region that provides daily transportation with supervision of children to and from camp from the 29 towns it serves in eastern Connecticut.
•     It is the only state licensed, American Camp Association Accredited, independent day camp in the region.

Wedding and Party Rentals
•     Three-season customized catered and non-catered weddings and parties
•     Tent and Barn venues for ceremonies and receptions
Our clients seek and appreciate:
•     The private use of reserved recreational facilities
•     The creative and flexible style of accommodation
Benefits include:
•     A variety of food service options from non-catered, buffet, family-style service to banquet and wedding service
•     A variety of plans to accommodate client cost control and affordability
•     Event planning customized for each client

Adventure Ropes Course Programs
•     Custom designed recreational, educational and developmental team building and personal challenge course programs for school, colleges and universities, corporate and other organized groups
•     Courses are designed to create unique learning environments that contrast with each group’s “home” or typical work environment allowing for a level playing field and new ways to experience team building
Family Swim Club Memberships
•     Private, outdoor pool setting with flexible enrollment options

Families and individuals pursue leisure, healthful exercise and family fun. The benefits are family togetherness, enjoyment and relaxation without the expense and commitment of installing and maintaining one’s own swimming pool.

Holiday Hill “Spooky- Fun” Hay-Rides
•     October evenings feature a tractor pulled hayride around the camp property to visit various “scenes” set up with props, costumed summer camp staff, and sound and light effects; all with a haunted Halloween theme.
•     The project is operated as a fundraiser for the American Camp Association