I am a holistic attorney with a private law firm in the Houston Heights.  My law practice is focused on family law services, divorce and collaborative law mediation, business law services for entrepreneurs and conscious business owners, and nonprofit organizations.

My work is integrative drawing from my broad experiences gained as a corporate lawyer, litigation attorney, family law and divorce clinic volunteer; and personally, as a yoga teacher, family member, seeker of knowledge and rich life experience, and nonprofit board member.

It’s my goal to offer clients with creative legal solutions for their family law issue, divorce, or business law matter, that reflect their current needs and support their long run success and harmony.  Holistic law services often save you time, money* and emotional stress.

Holistic representation is not weak.  It’s not for pushovers.  It’s not lacking in responsiveness.

As your lawyer, you will find me unique in that I have cultivated skills in deep listening, compassionate communication, responsiveness and creative option generation (things not taught in law school!).  In this fashion, legal solutions develop that align with client’s life experiences and core values.

Holistic Family Law & Divorce Services

A holistic attorney helps clients see family law or divorce considerations from a broad perspective, examining the legal estate, financial estate and emotional estate of the situation at hand.  I help clients make decisions from a place of responsiveness, removing the anxiety of reactive litigation.

Families have many choices for separating their household into two.  Collaborative Family Law and Divorce Mediation offers an opportunity for a friendly divorce, even where the issues are complex and a high level of sophistication and support is needed.

Conscious Business Attorney & Entrepreneur Advising

Having served as an in house commercial lawyer for a large international company for many years, where ongoing, healthy relationships supported my clients’ long run growth and success, I understand the value of generating legal solutions that do not begin with blazing arrows.  My strengths are business contracts, negotiation, corporate housekeeping, risk mitigation, and keeping business law matters focused on long run business growth and development.

I seek to minimize the possibility of ending with a dog fight in court.  Instead, I support clients in seeing a legal situation as an opportunity to foster meaningful resolution that addresses real needs instead of using legal matters to boast and prolong reactivity, anxiety, stress, or fear, as the case may be.  This allows parties to move forward immediately, possibly with more understanding and a better relationship.

A holistic law practice is an expression of my core values and beliefs by honoring people and serving clients and society by offering a different approach based in peace-making.  I allow legal strategies to develop from a place of strength, alignment and responsiveness.

My approach acknowledges the interconnectness of all parties and the choices we make, now and over the long run.  This requires some acceptance of personal responsibility and willingness to see things are they really are.  Many family law, divorce and business law matters benefit from this kind of guidance and support.  Some do not, and in those cases, I help clients understand why and help them find the appropriate sledge hammer.