What we do:

Upon entry of the meditative space, participants are welcomed to assume a position that feels most comfortable.  Most  participants choose to lay on the floor (on a yoga mat), however others prefer to sit in a lotus position.  Individuals with physical limitations may find sitting upright or reclining in a chair most comfotrable. Comfort is a key component in meditation!  To enhance the meditative experience, some attendees cover their eyes with a towel or a blindfold, however this is always a personal choice.  Due to temperature shifts that tend to occur during meditation, having a light blanket nearby is encouraged.

Depending on the location of your session, salt-lamps, candles, incense, essential oils and other meditative paraphenalia may be used.  Please note that due to personal sensitivities, fragrances may or may not be part of the experience.

Light conversation during "seating" preceeds a period of cleansing deep-breathing, affording all an opportunity to contemplate the experience that is about to unfold.  Once relaxed and ready to move forward, a statement of intent is read, a tone is provided that will signify the completion of the session, and the chanting of mantras will begin (if agreed upon).

The striking of Himalayan singing bowls in varying patterns begins the meditative experience, followed by the artful playing of gongs and various indigenous instruments.  Each instrument produces its own unique vibration, frequency and resonance.  Several of the world instruments  produce sounds found in nature, like rain, birds and ocean waves, to name a few.
Varying patterns of gong "rolling" produce a meditative effect unlike any other.  The body is literally massaged with sound, providing the opportunity for amazingly deep meditation to occur.  Subconscious creativity, imagery and deep relaxation, most often associated with theta brain waves, have been reported by participants.  Some individuals have also reported insight experiences, typically associated with delta brain waves, and deep, dreamless sleep.

Toward the completion of the session, "grounding tones" are struck, followed shortly after by the completion tone, signifying the conclusion of the meditation. The vast majority of attendees will awaken feeling extremly relaxed, rejuivinated, centered, energized or focused, or any combination thereof. Hydrating is strongly recommended at the completion of a session.

The opportunity to share one's experiences and insights is offered, however due to the very personal nature of meditation, it is of course, not required.