Reality Creation 101 is a book about healing the unconscious in order to become a conscious creator.  We are proud to announce that author "Christopher A. Pinckley, cpt" has received three major endorsements for his latest work.





“This book gives you the tools, knowledge, and awareness to completely revamp your unconscious mind to create the life you really want.”-T. Harv Eker author of #1 NY Times best seller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“Sometimes in order to create what you want, you have to get rid of what you don’t want.  I like this book because it addresses the difficulties that people can face in life.  It doesn’t take the reader for granted.”-Dr. Joe Vitale author of #1 best seller The Attractor Factor

“Reality Creation 101 is a beautifully written book with a practical step-by-step process for a more fulfilling life.  Regardless of where one may be on the spiritual path, new insights will certainly be found.”-John Randolph Price author of #1 best seller The Super Beings

Be sure to look for more empowering books from this author in the near future.  This book is now available in all PDA formats including kindle, sony ebook reader, iphone, and all other PDA's.