Holladay Corporation was formed in 1952 by Wallace Holladay in Washington, DC.  In 2001, with missions focused on different sectors of the real estate market, Holladay Properties was set up as a separate operating unit, though several overlapping partnerships exist. While Holladay Corporation has been a very active and dominant developer in the metro D.C. multi‐family and condominium market, Holladay Properties, has been active in a variety of sectors from its five principal offices [South Bend, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Portage, IN (metro Chicago); Nashville, TN; and Richmond, VA]. The combined entities have completed approximately 2 billion dollars in development. HPSMI is privately held by ten active partners and currently owns 75 projects through individual partnerships, of which 13 are joint ventures.

A hallmark of Holladay’s approach to a project is thorough planning up front. We value “thinking ahead.” This is ingrained in the company culture and is expected and appreciated by our internal and external partners, the latter of which includes many institutions of education, government and healthcare. Many Holladay projects, such as the large mixed use business parks, require planning which sustains success through market cycles.

Holladay is a development firm, not just a planning firm. Our goal is to design, build and fill quality long term projects. The variety of public/private ventures in which we have been a lead developer has given us considerable experience in the conduct of public planning charettes, which bring views of interested parties to the process and also encourage a broader base of support to the final product.

Holladay has emphasized quality of design wherever possible. In many situations, such as development of industrial buildings, the competitive environment puts pressure on costs. However, attention to design is a value that can be realized at any cost structure. Holladay‐built industrial buildings are known for design detail and the benefits to any work environment.

Holladay has cross‐fertilized its experience in specialty industrial, medical, educational and laboratory space to bring fresh perspective to each specialty project. Holladay industrial buildings – inside and out – reflect the needs of the occupants and the interests of the community in which the building is situated. Holladay has developed a full range of specialty industrial buildings, whether floor loads, electrical, conditioning or other facility requirements are beyond the norm.

Holladay’s work with educational, research and medical users has embedded experience in these uses within the Holladay team. A wide range of uses include: a variety of medical office buildings, DNA testing labs, business incubators, and cancer treatment and kidney dialysis centers. Many of these projects call for innovative financing and lease structures, which Holladay regards as part of the challenge in serving the interests of its clients and partners.

Holladay has established wide‐ranging partnerships with several educational systems. Projects include: an alternative school, a transportation center, an administrative headquarters, even a “Challenger Center” (space shuttle simulator) operated for schools throughout central Indiana by the Decatur schools. Holladay has built for or consulted with a variety of other educational and social service agencies, including a Boys and Girls Club, public television facility, and campus‐based and detention‐based juvenile facilities.

Holladay has built a variety of special and general purpose buildings or tenant space for the General Services Administration, the FBI, and the Indiana Departments of Corrections, Revenue and Social Services.

Holladay has developed retail and hospitality centers as opportunities have presented themselves, either as incorporated in larger land developments by Holladay or in conjunction with major partners.

Holladay has developed, and currently owns, three hotels, with three more in the planning stage. Holladay’s most unique hotel was developed in partnership with the Sisters of the Holy Cross and is located on the campus of St. Mary’s College within the Notre Dame community.

Holladay generally manages all of the facilities that it develops, unless the client has a specialized requirement, such as a major stand alone retail anchor or a specialty medical facility. Holladay’s Nashville, TN office has pioneered property management systems, which it employs in providing accounting and/or property management services to more than three hundred medical office buildings across the nation.

The specialty services include 24-hour call centers for maintenance management, as well as “RE-Lynx,” a proprietary system for lease and property maintenance administration. Holladay’s Nashville office has, in terms of square feet, consistently been among the top five medical office building service providers in the nation.