Established in 2013

Home Detox UK was initially just an idea that was brought to life by the Director. It is now a successful family run business that helps many people get their lives back on track and beat addiction.

All of our staff members come from a background of addiction so fully understand what we are dealing with in each case. Our testimonial speak for themselves.

Home Detox UK has been such a success that it has now spread to other countries and is actually working with governments in parts of Africa to battle the addiction epidemic that the world is facing.

We offer many services to treat addiction but our most popular and cost effective is our Home Detox for Alcohol & Drug Addiction. Our prices start from just £995! Our service is effective, affordable and safe. We have a team of specialist addictions Doctors and nurses waiting to help you beat your addiction!

We also offer telephone counseling and addiction interventions for family members or loved ones.

Not only do we offer Home Detox but we can also offer same day admissions to our Addiction Rehab Clinics across the UK & Ireland. We can even provide transportation.

We have clinics that can treat all addictions and eating disorders. We can also treat depression, anxiety, PTSD and much more. Contact us today to see if we can help you.