M. "Nicole" Williams-Lewis of Keller Williams Realty is a Florida RealtorĀ® whose goal is to help as many people as possible learn how they can become homeowners and help them successfully navigate through the home buying process to realizing the American Dream.

Helpful, Resourceful, Compassionate

Here is a little bit about me and why you would like to work with me.

I am in the Real Estate business to help you achieve your goals of buying or selling property. Ready to get to work? Call me and the Service Rep within will take note of what you want to accomplish through our deal as well as any concerns you may have and offer solutions or resources to assist you.

Many of us have heard it's not what you know but who you know, and then other times it IS what you know that pays off big time. Thankfully, I am positioned to know the right people in the business as well as the right information. My contacts are phenomenal at what they do. They are seasoned, dedicated and they love helping people as much as I do. It is the desire to help people that drew me to the real estate business and pushes me forward daily.

I take the profession seriously and am constantly learning as much pertaining to it as possible whenever possible. This method of craft perfecting has always benefited customers regardless of which capacity they are being served in. In addition to being a lifelong learner, a researcher at heart is core to my being. These attributes combined make me very resourceful.

As a previous small business owner, Director and Manager whose  background includes Consulting, Training, and the Financial  Services sector I am dedicated now as a professional Realtor to working with as many customers as possible towards achieving their real estate goals. It is for this reason that I hear what the customer says they want and attempt to deliver accordingly. Understanding that buying and selling real estate are two of the biggest financial as well as emotional transactions we make as individuals I will be your compassionate coach as we maneuver through this process to closing.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, M. "Nicole" Williams-Lewis is committed to the interests of your audience with services available throughout Florida. For additional information, please visit http://www.homegoalswithnicole.com