Writer and actress Morgan Rowe and filmmaker Gabriel Baron are raising money to make a documentary about Home.

For years Morgan has had a deep yearning for a true sense of Home that became particularly pronounced after selling her childhood home a decade ago. Morgan can be at home in a house she loves, and a voice will come into her head that says, ‘I wanna go Home.” She doesn’t know whether that home is the childhood home or someplace else.

Gabriel is searching for home and belonging, he’s turned to people he surrounds himself with, a sense of spirituality, his art and career but hasn’t found what he’s looking for.

We're not alone; we've learned that a lot of people in America have a deep yearning for something that they call Home, a sense of belonging and a deeper connection. This culture really exalts individualism and competition, which can result in fractured communities and a feeling of isolation. Creating a satisfying sense of Home today is really challenging, causing us to try and fill that void of belonging in ways that offer a quick, surface feeling of connection but can often exacerbate our desire for more meaningful connection.

To answer the question “what is home” we're going on a 4000 mile road trip (see map below) to interview people from all walks of life in major regions of the country.

We're curious to ask people how they’re finding their satisfying sense of Home, and if they’re not, why is that?

We'll be talking to individuals as well as large groups of people in live, town-hall style podcasts. This will be an interactive road trip that you can follow along with from your house through video feeds and blog updates. The project website (www.homeisproject.com) also includes ongoing stories from people actively trying to find home and a sense of belonging.

The road trip will culminate with a feature length documentary about the project. Our belief is that what we learn through this experience will potentially illuminate various ways that we might feel more at home within our communities as well as within ourselves.