For the public:  If you can dream it, we can help you do it.
Owning a home is the American dream – Home Buyers Club of Texas is here to help make that dream come true, even if credit issues have made it difficult or impossible to qualify. Our intensive credit counseling & education program includes counseling you on what actions to take. We analyze your specific situation to help you find the best loan product or program for you, and help you navigate the process of applying & qualifying for a mortgage loan. We then utilize our network of realtor brokers to help locate the perfect home to meet your needs. Best of all, these services are offered at no charge to anyone who completes the program.

Working with you one on one to make it happen.
When you enroll in the Home Buyers Club of Texas, you're assigned to one of our counselors – all licensed loan officers & credit experts – who will be responsible for evaluating your current situation. Your counselor will then work directly with you to address any & all issues that you face and to recommend strategies that can help you become eligible for a mortgage. In addition to your counselor, you'll have access to a credit advocate who will educate you on building & maintaining good credit and help with any questions you may have during the counseling process. The objective of your team is for you to have a solid understanding of the various processes, tools & strategies to best serve your current goal & set you up for a bright future.

As part of the intensive counseling and strategizing process, your counselor and credit advocate will provide you with education & expert guidance in areas such as:

Responsible spending
Debt reduction
Establishing positive credit
Correcting credit report inaccuracies
Direct bureau scoring & rescoring
Credit scoring models
Free credit report

In addition, we'll always be available to you after our initial business together is completed. Most people make changes every three to five years – whether it's refinancing, selling a home, or buying another – when they do, we're here to advise & assist. In fact, we anticipate that most customers will revisit us 5-8 times during their lifetimes. We greatly value our clients & strive for lifelong relationships with them.

For business partners:  We take the risk, you get the business.
Home Buyers Club of Texas offers builders (sellers) and potential home buyers a win-win proposition. By referring us to buyers who are motivated to own a home, but are unable to close, our partners can increase the chances of picking up sales otherwise lost – no special effort or investment on their part.

We'll roll up our sleeves & sit down with potential home buyers to work through their challenges until loan-approved ready to buy – at which time they can go back to the partner that referred them. We offer this in exchange for allowing us to work with people who were otherwise unable to close.

Bottom line: Partner gets the business. Buyer gets the home. We do all the work, invest all the time & effort and take all the risk.

A process that produces results. Agents, lenders & others with whom we contract are exceptionally talented industry experts with vast experience. They donate time & knowledge in exchange for personal & professional satisfaction that comes from getting it done. For the extra effort, they're paid customary commissions that any in their profession are paid.

We work with all potential home buyers for as long as it takes to achieve a successful outcome. We then return them to the business partners who referred them – but with a solid loan approval that will enable them to buy the home that they previously could not.

Expertise & experience to make things happen.
When every sale counts, we have the expertise, experience, relationships & resources to make home ownership a reality for buyers that builders and lenders write off. We started the Home Buyers Club concept in the 1990s, and we've been doing it day in and day out ever since. This makes us uniquely qualified to help our partners increase their sales by providing the systems, knowledge, guidance & expertise to get their customers closed. All we ask is for you to make a quick assessment & determine whether you can close the deal. Do not exhaust resources fighting the inevitable & upsetting a buyer. Many times we can turn that deal around for you quickly.

Still not convinced?
Give us your worst. This is how we've developed our most loyal partner base. Feel free to dig through the old “Rejected” files. In the first year of this program our first client provided us access to all of their "dead" files. Each applicant had been rejected by their mortgage company and at least eight “sub-prime” brokers before we were given access. In the first six months, we registered over 900 clients and closed 87 real estate transactions. What could that do for your bottom line?