Fresh Start For Seminole County Homeowners / Real Solutions For Real People

Transforming Property Solutions has announced creative, affordable housing options for helping homeowners to preserve their credit and future homeowners’ options to purchase a home. In today’s market a large percentage of homeowners are struggling to maintain their mortgage payments. Additionally, those that have already lost their homes are in need of a fresh start. TPS (Transforming Property Solutions), as a sweat equity participant, helps by getting people back on the road to home ownership as quickly as possible so families can enjoy the great American dream and benefit from the tax credits. As a secure investment company, TPS is actively pursuing purchasing homes in the Seminole County area of Central Florida.

TPS is a creative, affordable housing provider that purchases homes prior to, during, or after foreclosure. They offer fast cash in time of need so that home buyers can pursue their next endeavor. TPS offers home buyers time to repair their credit and preserve their dignity. When traditional methods have failed or aren’t an option, TPS is there to help. They proudly serve the Central Florida area with quick results and a smile.

TPS purchases homes for cash allowing their clients quick access to their new home adventure. Sellers don’t have the hassle of waiting months and years as realtors attempt to find appropriate offers while charging fees and allowing them to recoup as much as possible so that future financial goals can be set. Receiving a fresh start is liberating and is available for those who choose it. Buyers are able to rent or become equity participants to further them on the road to home ownership while allowing time for their credit to improve. Home ownership doesn’t have to be on the decline. While in a market that has made it harder for homeowners to maintain their mortgage payments and keep afloat, TPS offers solutions while maintaining the American dream.

TPS has served the Central Florida area for 3 years and has helped many families to restore their confidence in the home buying/selling process.  Though the partners, Al Gibbons and Gary McCauley, have been individually active in rentals, rehabs and the wholesale business of real estate on a personal level for the past 30+ years, through combining their forces in 2011 to form TPS, they now bring over 60+ years of collective wisdom to an ever-changing landscape in the real estate market. This is what they are doing, “RENOVATING HOMES CHANGING, LIVES” one house at a time.