If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing. That’s what Homestead India, a global real estate player believes in. Inspired by the 24/7 lives of a new digitally driven generation, it has given wings to real estate market with its refreshing new concept of Boutique Branded Residences. The concept stands firm on the belief that accentuated global lifestyles enable people to treasure every moment of their lives.  Meticulously crafted section of branded residences based on the personal traits of the leading icons creates a unique experience in such a fashion that the connoisseur get a first hand experience of how an iconic lifestyle and how to live every moment.

At the core of Homestead's belief system, the consumer plays the pivotal role. Understanding their needs and expectations lays the foundation for the brands we create. Our unique endeavour lies in being the 'House of brands'- another innovation in the real estate category. The premise aims at creating projects which will be nurtured as brands and leveraged in other markets, owing to its equity.

The idea stems from the need for ergonomic design, economies of scale, strict (quality) control and standardization, keeping in mind international codes and scale of operation. The marketing plan is to launch brands (not just as individual projects) and nurture them, allowing them to grow and launch in other markets. The idea behind this unique initiative is to envision properties that will create their own brand equity besides having an analogous approach in terms of architecture and design excellence.

Michael Schumacher World Tower is an architectural marvel built on the edifice of perfection. The first of its kind project in the world endorsed by Michael Schumacher himself. Envisioned with aerodynamic curves, wrapped in a 3-dimensional metallic ‘ribbon’, this architectural marvel is equipped with  futuristic features like a 7-star Signature Club, regal entertainment decks, sky gardens, Cantilevered Helipad with VIP access and an artistically designed Schumacher Museum and café. Michael Schumacher World Tower is an iconic celebration of such lifestyles where the future is driven by Human Architecture and people envisage a dream life in the Grand Prix of Fine Living.

Ballet by Sharapova is designed to be an architectural masterpiece exuding power and energy. Created by UHA, London, discover 42 storeys of poetic brilliance with elegant sky suites and Sharapova Tennis Academy. Equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies and the futuristic design palette,  this luxurious haven is an epitome of timeless elegance.

Michael Schumacher World Tower and Ballet by Sharapova are the two architectural masterpieces exuding inimitable grace, strength, athleticism, craft and serenity. These architectural marvels are finely crafted where every element – look, texture, finish and design embodies the legends’ vision. Crafted with details inspired by the subtle cohesion of art and sport, these architectural marvels are repleted with a world of futuristic features. It would be an understatement in saying, this is the crest of fine living.