With two locations in Kentucky and Ohio, Honey Hill Farm provides petting zoos, pony rides and exotic animal rentals for approximately 550 events a year.  The company also provides the animals for Cedar Fair parks Kings Island, Cedar Point and Michigan's Adventures.

Honey Hill Farm was founded in 1998 by Sally Powell and is managed today by Powell and her two adult children. The company employees approximately 60 full-time, part-time and seasonal staff.

Honey Hill Farm is one of the largest, if not the largest, mobile petting zoo provider in the country and is growing quickly. The company has more than doubled its sales in the past three years.

Management contributes this growth to untapped demand for quality event services geared toward children, and the uniqueness of their product, as well as customer service, quality standards and marketing that are superior to what most similar companies are able to offer.

Animal welfare is the number one priority for Honey Hill Farm. Many staff members hold, or are pursuing, degrees in animal sciences. It is the core purpose of the company to improve understanding of and empathy towards animals through providing quality animal interaction to the public. Many of Honey Hill Farm's animals are rescues. They are "professional pets" who will stay with the farm their entire lives.