Stephen (Steve) Akamine has extensive experience as a specialist in the treatment of Acute and Chronic Myofascial Pain. Steve is one the very few Medical Massage Therapists in Honolulu and the State of Hawaii that conducts a Diagnostic Pain Assessment for Medical Massage Therapy. Steve strives to achieve minimum pain with maximum functionality beyond symptomatic pain relief for each and every one of his clients. Steve graduated from Hawaii Healing Arts College in 2005, is registered as a State of Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist MAT-8732 since 2005, and is a Professional Member of AMTA- The American Massage Therapy Association. He has advanced skills and training in St. John's Neuromuscular Therapy, Counterstrain, Muscle Energy Technique, Muscle Release Technique, Quasi-Static Technique, and other advanced forms of Manual Therapy. Steve continues to work with Chronic Pain patients whom have had limited or no success in managing their Chronic Soft Tissue Pain Syndromes and are oftentimes labeled as "difficult cases". The goal of Medical Massage Therapy at is to resolve Acute and Chronic soft tissue conditions that are related to musculoskeletal pain, lack of range of motion, ischemia (restriction in blood supply), biomechanical (mechanics of movement of living beings) dysfunction, nerve compression or entrapment, or injury or rehabilitation from surgery or some form of pathology (study and diagnosis of disease) You can find free tips and information about soft tissue treatment for Chronic Pain at his Chronic Pain Management Resource Center.