Hook-Her is Canada's longest, strongest, prettiest purse hook.
Hang all your belongings and keep them safe and clean with a gorgeous purse hanger. The germs on the bottom of womens' purses can contribute to health issues. Use it in public washrooms, the doctor's office, public transit, coffee shops, casinos, while travelling, the spa, the nail/hair salon, movie theatres.The floor is dirty and a great way for someone to steal from you! Dr. Oz says "that every woman should use a purse hook" This is the perfect gift for everyone who is concerned about the safety of their personal belongings, and wants something functional and beautiful. Hang your purse, your laptop, keys, hats, jackets, umbrella, grocery bags,shawls, diaper bags,scarves.  The Queen of England uses a purse hook to take care of her handbag and maintain her elegance.  No one looks attractive balancing their purse on their lap.
Brides love them for gifts and because no one ever knows what to do with her purse during the excitement of the wedding.
Easy to mail and fantastic for hanging the Christmas stockings and decorations up. It doesn't matter if the ledge or edge is thicker than the Hook-Her, it will still hang. Any mantle, doorknob, ledge, shelf, chair back, chair arm.

We have looked at many hooks and these are the most beautiful and functional ones we have ever seen. Lightweight, but hold tons of weight. Also helps eliminate the stress from a heavy bag on a woman's neck and shoulders.

You will wonder how you and your friends every survived with out one.