Hope Tech Global is all about helping people in the Developing World through leveraging the Electronics Supply Chain resources in China. We strive to provide Hope through Technology on a Global scale. HTG, its people and its products embody hope.

People living in the Developing World face many challenges and the odds are stacked against them. They lack stable infrastructure that we in the Developed World take for granted so easily. They also lack or have restricted access to services and products that can greatly help them to get ahead in their World.

HTG product development is focused on the following areas: Education, Food Production, Health,  Wireless Communications. Power and Lighting. Hope Tech Global's team, experience, location and ability to leverage the Chinese Supply Chain allows it to provide the products at the optimum function, cost and quality. Each product HTG develops has to meet three conditions:
- It has to make a difference in lives for people living in the Developing World.
- It has to be centered around one of our Technology Focus Areas.
- It has to be electronic or mechanical in nature.

HTG consists of a multinational team from 6 countries. The team is continuously striving to deliver service and products with excellence through continued innovation. HTG's offices are located in Hong Kong and Beijing, China. The company was registered in Hong Kong in January, 2009 and currently has several private investors from Australia, New-Zealand, South Africa and the USA. The primary research and development center is in Beijing and HTG also has a partner offices in Capetown, South-Africa, Bilboa, Spain and Yaounde, Cameroon.

Please visit us at http://www.HopeTechGlobal.com/ to learn more about how to partner with us.