HorseShow.com offers a revolutionary way for equine enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines to compete against one another online simply by uploading a video of their performance into a class of their choosing. The shows are judged by the same highly qualified judges who judge traditional horse shows.

Prizes and cash awards are offered and competitions will include entries from around the world. Winning a HorseShow.com class is rewarding and prestigious, but in addition to the thrill of competing, participants can use the experience to learn and improve. After the class placings are announced, the judge will provide a scorecard to each entry with comments and suggestions for improvements.

HorseShow.com welcomes all breeds, disciplines and experience levels to take part in a series of shows ranging from those judged by professionals, to more of a “fun” show, judged by other members of the HorseShow.com community. Aside from learning experiences and gaining a competitive advantage, members of HorseShow.com can collect ribbons, trophies, and cash prizes all from the comfort of their home.  The average cost to participate in a HorseShow.com show is $20.00, saving riders’ time, money, and the hassles of traveling.

HorseShow.com’s team is a combination of both equestrians and technology experts. HorseShow.com is funded by venture capital and led by seasoned entrepreneurs Jeff Sloan and Tony Castiglione and noted dressage expert Gil Merrick.

What are the advantages of showing online?

1) Entries are affordable and you can compete over and over again without having to  spend significantly on entry fees or the costs of going to a traditional horse show.
2) You can compete against others internationally in front of a global audience all without ever loading your horse on a trailer.
3) You can win virtual trophies and ribbons to supply in your “trophy room” on your profile page and prize money and other awards too.
5) You get a judge’s scorecard with comments so this is a very effective way to learn and improve.
6) You can connect with others interested in your breed or discipline and correspond about the entries and learn from the way the classes are placed.

Current Shows -

- Landmark Hunter Challenge:
HorseShow.com Presents the Landmark Hunter Challenge - An Online Horse Show Featuring a Multitude of Divisions for All Levels of Horses & Riders, Judged by USEF "R" Official Beth Nielsen. Over $10,000 in Total Prize Money! Entries Close December 31, 2011

- Arabian Liberty Fall Classic:
HorseShow.com is Pleased To Present the Arabian Liberty Fall Classic, the Nation's First Online Horse Show Competition. Open for Entries November 7, 2011 through December 11, 2011, the Event is Open to Purebred Arabian Horses of all ages. Judged by USEF "R" Official Karen Homer-Brown, the Champion will be awarded $2,500 in Prize Money.

-Fall Harvest Dressage Festival
HorseShow.com Introduces the Fall Harvest Dressage Festival. Entries are Open To All Breeds and Disciplines, Now through December 18, 2011. As part of our Celebration for our Newly-Updated Website, we're Offering Prize Money with our Latest Dressage Show - and a Lot of It!

- Coolest Horse in the World
HorseShow.com's 'Coolest Horse in the World' contest - $5,000 Grand Prize!

You've known it for years... your horse is the coolest horse around. And now, to celebrate our relaunch, HorseShow.com is giving you the chance to prove it. Enter your horse, free of charge, in the Coolest Horse in the World contest, and get your friends to vote. The first entry to 5,000 votes wins. Obviously, having the undisputed coolest horse on earth is prize enough, but just to make it a bit more interesting, we'll throw in a $5,000 prize for the first place winner!