Horsewatch Police Liaison Officer from Strathclyde, Karen Beattie said: “We decided to set up Horsewatch Scotland in order to help in the fight against equine related crime. As well as providing support services and information on the actions to take if someone becomes a victim of crime, one of our main aims is to encourage people to take security precautions to prevent them becoming victims of crime in the first place”.

Since setting up Horsewatch Scotland as a result of the vast support from organisations such as The BHS, Farmkey and Rural Safety Signs, Horsewatch are proud to offer services and discounts to its members such as Tack-marking sessions, Trailer-marking sessions and discounts on all important Freezebranding etc.

Horsewatch Scotland is free to join and is a non-profit organisation funded by donations from members and local businesses. Members will be required to complete a form with their name, address, phone and e-mail which will be held by the Scheme Co-ordinator for the purpose of the Scheme and not passed to any third party. On receipt of the Member Forms Horsewatch Members will receive a Safety Pack which will include an ID Form for their Horse and Equipment.