Our fastest-evolving, former company Wisesolution, well-established in 2010, has been renamed and relaunched as hostbillo.com. Hostbillo finds its place among the top-notch and most-influential web hosting companies. The company is highly recognized for providing high-grade, best-in-class, and hyper-scale web hosting worldwide.

The company’s CEO Akshay Saini aims to convey and deliver cutting-edge as well as seamless services to the Hostbillo clients and customers all over the globe at admiringly competitive prices. He has exhaustive knowledge, incredible experience, and involvement with the web hosting industry. This drives him to promptly take on each challenge in the business and hosting industry to build dynamic tech solutions and serve excellent support.

After careful examination, Mr. Akshay understood that bringing unwavering quality, quickest speed, cost-adequacy, and potent information security on a solitary stage is a tricky errand that scarcely any web host has the power to accomplish yet. Keeping these vital elements as well as all potential market traps as the main priority, he contributed his time, money investment, and endeavors tremendously to this private firm 'Hostbillo". Thusly, he has actually executed every one of his strategies to bring industry-driving and excellent web hosting solutions. By and by, we are at the bleeding edge in giving world-class and intense hosting services and offering exceptional client service support with a comprehensive spectrum of reliable resources and robust hardware tools to empower clients to advance their business universally and attain maximum profitability.

Culture At Hostbillo

We bring ahead the experience of more than 10+ years in the web hosting industry as well as proficient expertise. Hostbillo reflects an exuberant culture and focused environment where everyone obtains the likelihood to operate at the best of their true capacity. Alongside our enthusiastic and competent group of specialists from numerous disciplines, we make Hostbillo an innovative and cooperative "Family." Our expert team's conduct and operations reflect our company's values and principles adhered to truly by every one of the representatives. This facilitates staggering assistance and unmatched administration to our clients smoothly and significantly.

Moreover, our coalition of professionals and specialists fills in as the most crucial resource as well as the mainstay of Hostbillo. They are always on their toes to approach to acknowledge each demand arising in the pathway of the web hosting industry. We at Hostbillo strive to explore every possibility for empowering our organization to progress rapidly in the ever-advancing technological world. At the same time, Hostbillo's specialized teams stay dynamic nonstop with a promising perspective for conveying fast and most accessible solutions for each issue or problem encountered by our valuable customers and clients. Furthermore, our committed specialists' group works in a way that can guarantee our clients 99.90% website uptime with high-tech network adaptability and substantial configurations.


Hostbillo aspires to empower individuals to underline and develop their businesses on a wide range of internet-based platforms. It enables each customer and client to acquire numerous opportunities that are plausible and accessible to accomplish progress in their work and business. We are entirely dedicated to providing extraordinary and premium business solutions as well as exceptional client assistance. Since the dawn of our business, we have taken up our responsibilities while accepting Hostbillo's prosperity as our exclusive commitment. Subsequently, Hostbillo is much perceived for maintaining and, simultaneously, raising the benchmarks of the web hosting facilities and services.

Since we aspire to deliver cutting-edge web hosting solutions and facilities around the globe, we are currently serving more than five locations, including India, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, and many more. Our company has been successful in providing domains, web security, web hosting, emails, and more facilities with 24/7 excellent customers as well as technical support via live chat, email, ticket raising, and other communication channels.