Hostwinds, LLC., based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is owned by Founder/CEO Peter Holden and operated by a dedicated and hard-working staff of professionals. Hostwinds is a group of individuals who daily fuel their commitment to generate the highest level of web hosting services in the industry. Hostwinds is a motivated and driven team that strives to remain ahead of the competition and maintain the highest standards of customer service and client support - living by the promise to Provide and Truly Serve.

Hostwinds was founded in 2010 with the purpose of changing the hosting industry and introducing a new set of standards. Our observations of hosting companies around the globe prompted us to study mistakes and begin to design solutions. We observed a saturated industry with some hosting companies offering incredibly low pricing, but sub-standard service and support.

On the contrary, we noticed other hosting companies offering great service and support, but charging a premium price. The passion grew for us to improve how a hosting company should operate. We became experts in this industry and learned what it truly costs to provide great hosting services. We took the best of two extremes and formed it into one great company. On that day, HOSTWINDS was BORN.

Hostwinds works hard to adapt our Shared and Reseller hosting environments to accurately serve the needs of our clients. We are constantly moving in parallel with requirements of our clients and building upon our flexible approach towards service development. Hostwinds will customize our shared servers to fit the application needs of our clients.

The Hostwinds team thrives on innovation, dedication and ambition. We face each day spirited with confidence, vision and discipline. We live by this mantra: Dream big, steadfastly believe, labor with passion, and then create. Hostwinds is an ambitious company that holds a grand set of plans and outstanding goals for expansion in its hands.

We believe our clients should be aware of what Hostwinds has in store for the future because they are the mortar that secures our foundation. They are our true partners, who without, nothing we strive to achieve would be possible. Their support allows us to work on several notable projects.