Hot Sauce Depot offers more than 40 of the most popular brands of hot sauces, salsas, dry rubs, snacks, and more. All items are shipped directly from our own warehouse--not drop-shipped by suppliers, which allows us to pack and ship your orders quickly, with most orders shipping the same business day. One important note is that we're an online store only, shipping all over the world directly to customers and wholesalers. We don't have our own retail store where you can come inside and shop--we are literally just a warehouse!

Our business started with a guy named Rick who just always loved hot sauce. Years ago, he was lucky enough to work next door to a premier hot sauce producer, and they let him be the guinea pig who got to try out new flavors. Then he started coming up with new ideas of his own, and Hot Sauce Depot was born. What started as a single line of sauces quickly grew to more than 40 brands, ranging from the most recognized manufacturers to those hidden gems Rick's found in his travels. Today, Hot Sauce Depot is proud to be your one-stop source for fiery foods.

We're a family-owned business, so if you give us a call, you could wind up speaking to Rick himself or his lovely wife, Dawn. We're basically just a group of folks who want to share our love of hot sauce with you. We like to keep our focus on the customer because we're customers, too and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!