Spanning 4 continents and 20 years of commerce technology expertise, HotWax Systems is the leading global service provider for Apache OFBiz application development, Moqui Ecosystem consulting and custom business solutions, and creators of HotWax Commerce, the world’s leading open-source Unified Commerce Platform

Having set out on a mission to fix what is broken in commerce, HotWax truly powers and empowers organizations with an end-to-end all-in-one customized, affordable and scalable enterprise digital commerce platform.

Whether you’re looking to move your eCommerce site onto a single, native platform that can manage your entire business, an Outdoor Retailer with global coverage interested in a multi-storefront, multi-language, multi-currency Omnichannel OMS, complete with B2B sites and Pro Programs, or running a B2B2C manufacturing operation that requires highly customized pockets of unification to integrate with your existing system, HotWax Commerce can do it all.

For more info visit https://www.hotwax.co/