Hotbed Entertainment Group is dedicated to a real estate strategy that offers significant tax benefits to investors while creating meaningful experiences in the communities we serve.

We will build world-class entertainment and hospitality venues celebrating performing, visual and culinary arts in developing communities and central business districts.

Our real estate strategy is designed around the purchase and development of high-potential properties in federally designated Opportunity Zones.

Our properties are in highly desirable developing areas with rapidly expanding populations and each venue will be designed to accommodate a range of uses ensuring long-term growth and value.

Our business is defined by thoughtfully curated world-class talent, content, collaborators and consumers brought together in close proximity for the sake of curiosity, enjoyment, growth and meaningful connections.

Our model boasts multiple revenue streams, driven by the signature Hotbed brand of entertainment: Experiencing top quality live music in an intimate, comfortable, high-end environment with a unique, affordable and crave-worthy culinary program.

Hotbed Music Hall is anchored by an original live music//immersive theater show designed to get audiences up close and personal with the performers.  "The Fallen Saint", inspired by the birth of jazz, is our inaugural show.