HotelBids is a hotel aggregation platform which is emerging as a pioneer in the hotel industry. We offer a unique concept wherein, we provide service not only to the customers, but also to the hoteliers. HotelBids is coming up with the newest concept in the market which is based on ‘bidding’ and we are already on the lines of growing exponentially as we have acquired 3500+ rooms in over 100+ cities all over India. Our further target is to cover hotels in every nook and corner of the country at the earliest, so as to expand our area for providing service to all our esteemed customers and hoteliers all over the country.

Hoteliers are benefited from us as we help them to fill in their vacant/unsold/unutilised inventory at their hotels, by charging the least percentage of commission in return. At the same time, we are proving to be the most unique for the customers, wherein we make your trips memorable, economical and the most convenient by saving you from the tedious hotel booking procedures and bringing the search of best budgeted hotels to you  and also allowing you to stay at your price, which is now just a bid away! So its a win-win situation for both- hoteliers, as well as the customers.

Below are some of the key pointers to help the readers understand us more:

1.) HB is 100% free.
2.) At HB “You don’t search, the ‘search’ comes to you” (All with just one click)
3.) The later you book, the heavier the discount! (sometimes as heavy as 70%)
4.) Your room, Your preference! Choose hotels by pictures, reviews and location.
5.) Option of advanced and bulk booking.
6.) Accepted Prices, Stay discreet.
7.) Customers are connected directly to Hotels.
8.) Hotels solely decides about accepting a Customer’s offer.
9.) Each HB hotel is quality checked by our staff.
10.) 24 * 7 Customer care support.