I am going to push this dream off the planet.

Your tax paid to produce all the technology needed to put www.HotelsInSpace.org
The Japanese paid for maglev technology.
Canadians gave us robotics.
The space race paid for rocket science.
The metallurgists gave us light strong materials.
Universities gave us computers.
We can grow gardens indoor.
We have air conditioners and water purifiers.
We can take human waste and quickly prepare it for potting soil.
We can redesign the Space Shuttle ET combination (HLV) and stand it taller than the Saturn V.  
We can remove a lot of the hard ware from the shuttle and design it into the HLV.
The Landing Craft (CRV) can land between 200 and 400 people.

We can design the HLV so it can be attached to other HLV after reaching orbit.

Who are we?  www.HotelsInSpace.ca ?
Me, Trevor Hugh Makondo Cooper and every one listed on http://www.tasha9503.com/tradesforownership.html who has contributed.

Will you join us?
Every position is available.
I can not do any of the things we can do, unless people like you do it or pay for it.
All of it has been done before.
I just need qualified engineers to unite all the technologies.
And I need to pay them.
I have a doable idea but can’t afford the start up costs.
I have been selling time and profit shares by trading for information, introductions and advertising services.
I used the internet to advertise around the world.
Now I need to sell this hotel so I can afford to build it.
I introduced the ability to subscribe or buy using PayPal.
As a motivator, any one who subscribes using PayPal gets benefits.
First benefit is each weekly payment of $25 buys a lottery ticket.  
One ticket will be drawn per launch for one seat.
The winner may use it or sell it.
Second benefit, every subscriber’s payment purchases accumulative unused time shares.
Seven year subscribers could end up owning one week of unused time every four years.
Without a motivator I began approaching investment agencies located around the world one at a time looking for big bucks.
2010/07/27 the price went up to cover unforeseen costs.
After paying the Lawyers, transfer charges and tax we can begin advertising and finding the engineers to make the final design workable.
We can begin to design the equipment to build the HLV.
We can contract out the design and production of the CRV.
We can begin designing the factories to house the equipment.
We can begin to look for land on top of a mountain in Brazil to build on.
We need roads, housing and a launch pad.

Do you see yourself fitting in?

I am Trevor HM Cooper and I can’t do it alone.
I am giving the general public the opportunity to own the infrastructure Tasha9503 puts in outer space with time and profit shares.
I am also offering ownership of the infrastructure to the wealthy around the world.
The wealthy are showing an interest and we have no subscribers yet.
Do you see you fitting in?

If you are interested we could agree on a % of the first transaction as your commission and I could forward you any past e-mail.
I have averaging one prospect a week this month 2010/07/--
I would like to trade our time and profit shares for your services but I understand you have bills to pay.
Until we have subscribers or a large purchase we have Zero Budget.
So Tasha9503’s first lawyer must work on commission.
Will you work for Tasha9503 on commission for our first transfer?
Then we can discuss Tasha95033’s need for a lawyer for all our corporate affairs.

Trevor HM Cooper