www.housetrade.co.uk is a private property sales website for people looking to sell a house or buy a house in the UK. For Sale By owner property search for property for sale, buy or sell property in Manchester or property in the UK

Housetrade.co.uk enables you to Sell a House in Manchester, so if you are looking to Sell My House, specifically for Houses in Manchester, Houetrade will enable you to do exactly that - Sell a House. Likewise if you are looking to Buy a House, or are interested in Manchester House Auction if you are looking to Auction a House look no further. Housetrade help you to Find a Property and Buy Property, we assist you in your Property Search when looking for Property For Sale.

Initiall focussing on Houses in manchester Housetrade has opened up the coverage to expand beyong Properties for sale in Manchester.

Housetrade is a UK private property portal enabling you to sell without the need of instructing and agent or in conjunction with an agent that could ultimately save the costly commissions upon sale. We are currently in discussions with a number of local and national housing associations and social landlords as to how we may best serve their advertising requirements both on a sales and rental aspect.  

Not used a private portal before? The process is cost effective and efficient. All options are fully explained on the website and there is also a useful wizard process to guide you through creating your adverts. For uploading property details and creating adverts you have the option of using the ‘Step-By-Step Wizard’ or ‘Add a New Property’ tab, either way will achieve the same result. We can alternatively upload all of the properties you wish to list on your behalf to save you the trouble.

Already undertaking you own advertising? Why not try another method, private portals are the way the market is shifting and as an entrepreneurial firm Housetrade is undergoing an extensive online and offline series of marketing campaigns.

Already with an Agent? You CAN advertise with Housetrade even if your properties are already on the market with an estate agent as long as the agent does not have sole selling rights you will not have to pay their commission upon sale through Housetrade. Remember Housetrade.co.uk is not an estate agent so any 'sole agency selling rights' do not apply and you may still advertise with Housetrade alongside your agent.  

The website has been designed specifically to accommodate different sale types.

Remember there are 3 different options available when choosing the method you want to market and sell properties. Below is a brief summary of each but more details are available on the website:

Classified Advert - Viewings can be arranged online at a time that suits both parties and secure offers can be placed through the 'Make an Offer' feature.

Auction/Buy It Now - Another solution geared up to stimulate buyers to achieve the best price for your properties there is the Online Auction/BIN, providing nationwide coverage without the need for potential buyers to travel endless miles.

Trade/Part-Exchange – This is another sale type option targeting current homeowners as opposed to first time buyers as this option facilitates part-exchange.

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