The Hudson Valley Adoption Support Group is a peer to peer group support for adult adoptees, birth mothers & families seeking support, understanding, before during & after adoption searches & reunions.

The goal of the group will be to create a safe community where participants can speak freely about a range of subjects and find the emotional support and understanding of peers. The validation and acknowledgement of the unique feelings related to adoption will be a primary purpose of the support group. Informal topics will range from adoption search advice, navigating open adoptions, to the various emotional implications of adoption, preparing for an adoption reunion, post reunion advice, adoption activism, policy and current practices; plus sharing of personal stories and everything in between.

Are you a local Hudson valley Adult Adoptee wondering how to start an adoption search? Have you hit a snag regarding New York States sealed original birth certificate laws? Are you a birthmother wondering about your relinquished child? Or maybe a birth father or sibling trying to navigate a post adoption reunion relationship? Or how about just being able to sit with a group of people who understand exactly what you mean without having to go into details or make disclaimers.
To join the Hudson Valley Adoption Support group go to www.HudsonValleyAdoptionSupport.com or call 845-750-5954 for more information.