Manufacturers of the revolutionary gel "StingOUT(tm)" that soothes the sting of jellyfish.  Our gel is sold as part of a complete jellyfish sting first aid kit.  Coming soon to a retailer near your beach.

If you have been stung by a jellyfish, you or the person treating you should put on the StingOUT™ glove(s) included with this kit.  Do not touch the affected area with bare hands or other bare skin as this may cause the nematocysts (stingers) to fire new venom into the bare skin, causing additional injury.  For the same reason, do not rub the area, apply ice or fresh water.  When treating a jellyfish sting you can change the acidity of the toxin by changing the temperature of the affected area.  You can do this by rinsing the area with hot sea water.  We recommend the StingOUT™ Solar Rinse Bottle (sold separately).  At the beginning of your beach activities simply fill the StingOUT™ Solar Rinse Bottle with the same sea water you are playing in.  Set the bottle in the sun and allow the heat from the sun to warm the water in case you need it later in the day.  Sea water ranging in temperature from 113-122° (45-50°C) will help to neutralize the poison from jellyfish venom.  See other side of this packet for step-by-step instructions on how to use this kit.

Instructions for: BOX JELLYFISH STING
Step 1:  Put on StingOUT™ gloves;
Step 2:  Rinse affected area with hot sea water using StingOUT™ Solar Rinse Bottle (sold separately); WARNING: use caution when rinsing affected area as the hot water can also burn the skin.  Test the water temperature before pouring over the affected area.
Step 3:  Apply 1/2 of this packet of StingOUT™ gel to cover the affected area, gently spread the gel using a gloved hand or the scraper edge of this packet;
Step 4:  Remove any remaining tentacles (stingers) from skin with gloved hand using the scraper edge of this packet;
Step 5:  Apply second half of StingOUT™ gel to the affected area;
Step 6: StingOUT™ will not wash away when you get back in the water.  Gently rinse affected area with regular temperature sea water, or return to your water activities.  The StingOUT™ gel will begin to feel cool on the skin and soothe the sting.
Step 7:  Jellyfish venom can continue to cause pain and discomfort for up to ten (10) days after a sting.  Continue daily use of StingOUT™ as needed.

Follow steps 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 above
(you can skip steps 3 & 4).