Our mission is inspiring and connecting social entrepreneurs with the resources necessary to empower them and to maximize their humanitarian impact.

We envision a world where the complexities of beginning and administering an innovative social program do not interfere with the impact of that program. We exist to serve the social entrepreneur.

Let's face it--getting a 501(c)(3) is time-consuming and expensive. But charitable programs need this federal tax-exempt status to accept grants, large donations, and even to participate in local programs such as grocery store incentive programs and restaurant fundraisers. HSI is the sensible answer.

Through fiscal sponsorship, HSI consolidates the overhead or general and administrative costs into one central cooperative nonprofit organization. These economies of scale drive down the costs of running multiple charitable programs from the national benchmark of 23% of donated funds to Humanitarian Social Innovations' costs of 10% of donated funds. That means 13% more funding to use for social impact!

Our program founders are free to focus on their missions. For example, Dawn is a college student who had an exceptional idea for a program that promised huge social impact. However, as a college student, she had neither the time nor the financial resources to start a nonprofit organization around that idea. She reached out to Humanitarian Social Innovations for help. Now HSI provides the program's nonprofit organizational structure, and Dawn conducts her program with access to tax-exempt funds through HSI. With fewer administrative responsibilities, now she can focus on the mission she loves!

"I don't know what we would have done without HSI. We never would have gotten our stable off the ground." -Amy Olson, Rising Star Stables' Starlight Equine Assisted Coaching

"Linda's support is immensely helpful; I can't thank her enough for all that she has done for me in this past year." -Marsha Townsend, Bringing Up a Bookworm