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In this visionary work a Humanist philosopher, Martin McGlade and a Seattle law professor May Biersten initiate profound global change, with McGlade’s proposal to stabilize the earth for ‘a thousand summers’ as a project for our species, and her landmark US Supreme Court’s decision to allow citizens ‘ bear or forsake arms’ both being globally adopted.

Accordingly, by 2016 the world has abandoned militarism and the United Nations is now the global government, but rural America and the Pentagon reject these developments, and in his last year in power Obama must deal with a crippling economic boycott, a US bankrupted by a lengthy depression, and a military that has other ideas.

Set in the Pacific Northwest with many marine scenes, the book examines Humanism not as negative atheism, but instead as a vision toward responsible governance for our species. This is an intellectual novel that asks why this approach cannot be implemented in the coming generation to rescue our planet, to enable us to indeed settle into a thousand years of harmony.

As possible, even plausible, speculative fiction and not wild fantasy, it postulates only that fusion power comes into early use by 2016; as such the book brings the near-future's options into clear focus.

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