Hummingbird Infant believes that the key to happiness is understanding how to best connect with our babies and to one another.  

We are two sisters and two nieces. Currently pregnant, foster, adoptive and birth parents. Our story is continually inspired by your story. Our community, our experts.

Hummingbird Infant shares #BabyBuzz in our blogging and social media forums, with a different daily focus to inspire parents in warm, calm, connected parenting

Warm, calm and connected parenting goes beyond Baby Buzz to the heart of product development at Hummingbird Infant. Our first product line is in bath, where the patent pending Warm Hug Bath Swaddle is designed to provide your baby with the warmest, calmest, happiest baby bath ever.

Parenting a newborn is an emotional journey. We are inspired by your stories. Let's work as a community of pregnancy, birth, adoptive and foster parents, along with sprinkling of 'truths' from the experts. Hummingbird Infant will act as a facilitator of conversation through our Baby Buzz blog and social outlets. As well as infant products that facilitate warm, calm, connected parenting -- inspired by parent needs.