Hunt Telecom’s management team has been together for over 20 years. Our background is in telecommunications and data service. Hunt Telecom created and manages large multi-state networks for commercial telecommunications providers (9 states, 65 cities, greater than 12,000 end points). Hunt Telecom has also built and operates large Wide Area Networks for the Department of Defense and federal agencies and local governments. Hunt Telecom has hosted applications for the largest software companies including Microsoft, Siebel, BEA, EDS, Documenturn and others.

Hunt Telecom owns and operates data center facilities in multiple cities. From these hardened facilities, Hunt Telecom engineers a variety of solutions for customers using the best available technologies from a variety of Network Solutions Providers. Hunt Telecom also engineers and supports wireless implementations, Voice over IP, traditional ISP, and video on demand. Hunt Telecom provides the backend infrastructure for a number of local Internet Service Providers as well as large corporate enterprises.