The IHPA strives to be the industry leader on all issues that affect the hurricane protection industry by unifying the suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, engineers, architects, code writers, and government officials.

Provide quality hurricane protection systems, information, and education to insure the publics' welfare and safety, therefore minimizing the loss of life and the destruction of property associated with a hurricane.


In October of 2000 a group of Industry leaders came together with an idea to unite and to provide a voice for those involved in the Hurricane Protection Industry.  Legislation and building codes were in a constant state of change, but with no input or direction from those whose business it was to provide the associated products and services.  With many hours of dedicated service by the founders and those who have followed, the IHPA has grown into a significant industry voice.  

Code of Ethics:
Promote respect by actions, which reflect favorably upon our industry and my company.

Maintain all applicable licenses and insurance.

Contribute to the public health, safety and welfare by complying with all applicable building codes, ordinances and regulations.

Truthfully represent only bona fide products and services.

Fulfill completely contractual and moral obligations, keeping my agreements in both letter and spirit.

Affirm and encourage the American Free Enterprise system in our industry.

Conduct business in a professional manner, never demeaning the actions of others.

Agree to uphold and abide by the code of ethics and to promote, to the best of your abilities, the Association’s purposes and goals.