Huwa Reserve is a new online source for all natural, family ranch raised beef. Started by Brent, Tonya Huwa and family, who are owners of a small family ranch in Roggen, Colorado. Our goal for Huwa Reserve is to offer customers direct access to high-quality, family ranch raised, all natural beef.

Huwa Reserve offers a variety of ways to purchase beef including, bulk beef, grilling packages, steaks, family cuts, roasts and steakburger. Our online store, www.HuwaReserve.com also allows you to purchase Huwa Reserve Natural Beef as a gift for friends, family members or colleagues; a customizable gift message will be included with their package.

Cattle from the Huwa Family Ranch are fed 100% vegetarian diet, which is grown right here on the Huwa Family Farm. We produce some of the most tender, highly marbled and excellent tasting beef you’ll ever try. Cattle from the Huwa Cattle Company Ranch are never fed any growth hormones or steriods and Huwa Reserve beef is all antibiotic free*.

The Huwa Family has been working in agriculture for many generations and is so excited with the new direction their operation is taking. They can't wait to provide ranch raised, all natural beef to their customers in a way that has never been possible for them before.

Please check out www.HuwaReserve.com to learn more about our all natural beef that is grown locally, right here in Colorado. Also, enter for your chance to win a FREE grilling pack from Huwa Reserve.

*As verified by a 120 day affidavit.