Our History
The Company was purchased by Royston Morgan in 1988 but the initial idea for the portable tension tester was designed and manufactured in 1985. Since then the manufacture and sales of portable tension testers for anchors and fixings have become Hydrajaws main business.
With the continued growth in the use of fixings throughout the building and construction industry, where they offer a quick and convenient method of securing structures, components, scaffolding, safety harnesses, and other fittings, the need for a simple yet reliable means of establishing their strength and installation efficiency to the satisfaction of health and safety officers and local government building inspectors has become a vital necessity.
Over the years we have gained considerable experience in the field, and through the continued cooperation of the fixings industry, safety officers, and specialist installers, we have continued our work of development, increasing the capacity range and introducing a wide choice of adaptors and load spreading bridges to match the wide variety of fixings in use and widely differing applications. Special refinements have been added to the tester itself, such as a linear movement scale enabling the operator to measure more precisely the first movement of a fixing under the test loading. With construction companies moving towards digital processes and Hydrajaws remaining at the forefront of technology, our development of the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital Reporting System and app is now in its third generation. The system offers reliability and traceability of all pull testing results.
As the construction industry becomes more aware and more responsible for health and safety Hydrajaws continues to grow and develop. From a small office in Birmingham, we now operate all our manufacturing, R&D, training, and operations from our purpose-built 20,000 sq ft building at 73 Kettlebrook Road, Tamworth UK.