HydroDynamicsHHO.com, a leader in Hydrogen Generators for internal combustion engines.Working hard since 1999 to develop and perfect the safest most reliable Hydrogen on Demand system that works seamlessly on Diesel and Gasoline engines.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth! Research has shown that using hydrogen properly can reduce the Carbon Footprint of an internal combustion engine as much as 85%.  Our planet is dependent on petroleum; it is our obligation to make every effort to save our planet from the pollutants we inject into it. According to NASA, Hydrogen is a good and abundant solution.

The most efficient method of getting the most out of fuel is to install a Hydrogen Generator. Hydrogen Gas is the most abundant element on Earth. Using our refined techniques, a Hydrogen Generator can help your engine run cooler, add power and burn cleaner by reducing the Carbon Footprint +/- 85%.

Our new Hydro Dynamo Hydrogen Generator for Turbocharged Diesel engines is available in three sizes; it is larger, weighs over 50 pounds and can produce over 40 LPM of Hydrogen. That’s over ten times more Hydrogen than conventional HHO units currently on the market.

Hydrogen on demand is a safe and effective way to help internal combustion engines burn fuel more efficiently and cleaner. Hydrogen Generators have been used on internal combustion engines since 1807.

Go GREEN – Burn Clean!