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Industry analyst and primary research firm Hypatia Research Group www.HypatiaResearch.com delivers high impact market intelligence, industry benchmarking, best practice, and vendor selection research for how businesses use technology and service providers to capture, manage, analyze and apply customer intelligence to enhance performance and to accelerate growth. Coverage areas include: CRM, Business Intelligence, Customer Analytics, Social Media Intelligence Big Data Analytics, Business Analytics,, Marketing Automation, Database Marketing, and Information Management, and GRC, Customer Data Integration and Quality. Since 2001, clients have relied on us for industry insight, expertise and independent market research for guidance in assessing various technology and service options.

Our Clients:
Include emerging businesses and billion dollar multi-national enterprises. In "calculating results" we deliver data-driven insights, market analysis, vendor evaluations, and customer intelligence that is designed to support our clients' business decisions.

@  Business leaders turn to us for information on vendors, service providers and best practices that will accelerate their growth.
@  Software vendors and service providers value our research-driven thought leadership, independent analysis and business case return on investment assessments.
@  Clients turn to us for market intelligence and consulting services that reduce cycle-time and influence customer management, product strategy, channel development and market adoption strategies.

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Hypatia of Alexandria (c.370-415 AD), invented several scientific devices--the astrolabe, plane sphere, and hydroscope (hydrometer). These instruments were used to calculate the distance between planets, the position of visible stars at any time of the year, and the gravity of liquids respectively. Hypatia was the first woman to make substantial contributions to the development of mathematics, astronomy & philosophy.