This patented and proven technology uses the Hyper-Buoyancy concept to create over 30,000lbs of sub-sea lifting capability. With nearly 900 horsepower, a 500-gallon fuel capacity and an ability to dive at will, the Hyper-Sub isn’t just another mini-sub. It is a technologically advanced vessel with unmatched capabilities that has far-reaching applications for governments, industry and private interests on a global scale.

Since it is a speedboat, the Hyper-Sub eliminates the need to have a transport vessel and specially trained crew in order to deploy the submarine. As a hybrid vessel, it performs all necessary functions for full-scale deployment at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional submarines.

It is scalable, modular and reconfigurable. It can deep-sea dive or travel just barely submerged in the shallowest of waters. When traveling on the surface, the Hyper-Sub can recharge its batteries. These unmatched capabilities make the Hyper-Sub ideal for far-reaching applications in government and military, port security, oil and gas industry, subsea pipeline inspections, maritime and scientific exploration and an array of private industries.