HTNP Industries (HTNP Industries Private Limited) is a Defense and Space manufacturing company. Where HTNP stands for Hyperspace Thermonuclear Propulsion.

HTNP Industries works in the Hypersonic weapons domain. In which HTNP Industries is developing a Hypersonic Glide vehicle named HGV-202F (HYpersonic Glide Vehicle 202 Romanov). Company has estimated a few points about the HGV as follows:

1. Nuclear-Capable.

2. Speed range of upper hypersonic.

3. will be made in less than 5% of the cost of DARPA's HTV-2.

4. No plasma blackout.

HTNP Industries assures that the vehicle is/will be completely be MADE IN INDIA. The company estimates that HGV-202F will be ready until the end of the year 2022.