Hyperlien Yacht (HPL Yacht). “Hyperlien” is the French word for “Hyperlink”.
At HPL, we hope to promote harmony between human beings and the ocean, strengthening the connection between the two. Our goal is to create a graceful and comfortable yachting experience, combining beautiful design aesthetics with advanced functionality, opening up an infinite world of exploration possibilities to our customers.

Yachting is a dream for many people. At HPL we aim to revolutionize the traditional process of yacht design. We bring decades of interior design experience to the table. Giving customers a comfortable and carefree yachting experience is central to our philosophy. Every single aspect of our yachts, from form to function, is designed from the user’s point of view. We use state-of-the-art construction methods and modular design techniques to bring down the cost of materials and labour, while continuously improving the resilience of our materials to last longer within the marine environment.

Building on Taiwan’s long experience in crafting beautiful ships, we bring new ideas and thinking to the world of yacht design.