Enter the door of The Self Center, an 1863 historical building with energy, spirit and charm for whatever it is you need and want for yourself ( health, peace of mind, focus, purpose, success) using the sciences of Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Handwriting Analysis, Reiki , Bioenergy Healing and more. As you close the door behind you, you will walk away from all that that is no longer good for you, feeling safe, secure and protected. When your session is completed, you will open the door, feeling refreshed, reenergize, and renewed, having reacquainted with what you need and want, as you walk towards all that is right for you...That's right... Walking in your Point of  Strength. with Pearlan,  as your guide. Pearlan is certified in the sciences of Hypnosis, Handwriting Analysis, Neurolinguitic Programming, Reiki and The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing.  She welcomes all who enter at The Self Center that offers privacy and acceptance to all, is nurturing, supporting and inspiring, allows others to achieve all that is needed and wanted, and helps you to transcend current life' challenges as you feel transformed. What more is there?