IALAC WORLD launches its Indiegogo crowd funding campaign September 21, 2015.

IALAC WORLD makes socially responsible clothing and accessories known as 'dignity threads'. Our clothing is designed by young artists and each piece shouts out a positive affirmation. Our mission is to elevate positive thinking and invite young women into a world of empowerment!

Imagine a world where girls are free from negative messaging and proud of their unique contributions. How girls see themselves is vital to their well-being and success. IALAC WORLD believes that exposing girls to positive affirmations about themselves is critical to building self-esteem and ultimately a joyful, fulfilling life. 'Words are powerful and what girls say about themselves can change their course.' (IALAC WORLD artist Rachel)  

It is well known that many girls around the world suffer from low self-esteem. The statistics that prove this point are staggering.  Once low self-esteem is formed negative messages permeate every thought and result in self-defeating behavior. Girls who possess high self-esteem are less likely to engage in negative acts and tend to perform better in school.

IALAC WORLD was conceived from founder Charmaine Winslow's passion to elevate positive thinking and empower not only her own kids, but young women around the globe with tools needed to help them be confident and strong.
Charmaine made the commitment to follow her passion. She is now creating a company in which its sole purpose is to empower young women by showcasing their own art and affirmations on really cool clothing and accessories. She knew immediately that her efforts would draw upon the acronym, IALAC (I Am Lovable and Capable), which was coined 25 years ago by world-renowned professor of education, Dr. Sidney B. Simon.  With her sights firmly set, IALAC WORLD was conceived just over a year ago.

IALAC WORLD will highlight the talents of young, out-of-the-box thinkers from around the world who specialize in fashion design, visual arts, photography, videography and social media.  These young artists will help to coalesce a movement of positivity and self-affirmation that is sorely lacking in today’s society. Many tee-shirt and accessory companies are marketing messages of insolence:  “You Can’t Sit With Us,” “Live Fast, Die Young,” and “Good Girl Gone Bad” just to name a few.  IALAC WORLD cuts from the pack and fills the void that exists in the apparel market.  Their tees are inspiring AND creative AND catchy AND cool!  Gratitude is My Attitude, I Am the Change I See in the World, and I am Free to Live My Dreams – just to name a few.

Girls connect with IALAC WORLD's positivity via interactive social media platforms and website to build brand awareness through advocate and influencer marketing. The power of positive peer influence cannot be underestimated and for this reason IALAC WORLD will disseminate its messaging to young women leveraging their ability to positively influence themselves and their peers.
The outcome, girls elevate positivity by wearing their affirmation-art-apparel and accessories like a badge of honor to empower not only themselves but girls around them.

Last but not least, Charmaine is equally as passionate about reaping what she sows. IALAC WORLD is a giving company.  IALAC WORLD's efforts will prioritize giving visual and performing arts grants to less fortunate children around the globe who want to pursue their own artistic dreams and talents. As much as 30% of net proceeds will be donated to support grants for visual and performing arts.

Get more details about the IALAC WORLD Indiegogo campaign on iamlovable.org starting September 21, 2015.