We are especially focused on young girls and teens in the foster care system. We have partnered with organizations to support hundreds learn and understand sexual violence and mental illness. These partnerships allow us to stay involved in meeting the mental, physical and emotional needs of survivors of sexual trauma.


I AM VOICES Mission is to transform the lives of survivors of sexual violence globally while educating communities through awareness and prevention tactics. We provide a healing environment, services, support, and a safe place for victims of abuse.

I AM VOICES Vision is to strive to change the trajectory of the world on sexual violence by assisting survivors of abuse cope through life's obstacles and tear down the cycle of abuse for future generations. Our overall vision is to create transitional housing and support services for victims of sexual violence, whether they are coming from the American foster care system, a broken family, or in a village in Nigeria and beyond to enable them to live fulfilling, successful, happy lives.

I AM VOICES is dedicated to respecting, protecting, and healing the children and families that pass through its doors.