As fellow IBS sufferers we became frustrated with the difficulty in getting good factual information and sourcing treatments for our condition at the same time. We found confusing and often conflicting advice and felt that much of the information was biased towards a particular product or service. We then found it hard to source the products, particularly those that were new to the market.      

All we wanted to do was to get to the truth about how we could manage our symptoms. As scientists we decided to look at the research behind IBS and in so doing established our own database which has really helped us take control.

As a consequence we set up IBSHealthcare.co.uk to provide other sufferers with easy access to our research. We have pulled together everything from basic information on symptoms to detailed clinical evidence based research on the latest products to hit the market. We are also uniquely positioned to help you source the specific IBS treatment products of your choice.

http://www.ibshealthcare.co.uk// is a trading name of Copper Lime Limited (VAT No. 903619631).  

All Products are sold from this site by Copper Lime Limited via Click Trading Limited through its Warrington pharmacy.

Registered pharmacists:

Eoin Martin
Alasdair Kenney

If you need to talk to a Pharmacist before making a purchase or for any other query regarding products for the control of IBS please call:

01925 601 663 or alternatively Free Phone 0800 234 6289

We hope you find this service useful and would welcome your feedback to improve the site.