IC Liberty Films LLC is an independent film company located in Tampa Bay, Florida, founded by producer and director Norm Novitsky.

The first film released is the award-winning EduDramedy, "In Search of Liberty."

"In Search of Liberty" is an entertaining way to easily educate young and old alike about the value and benefits of the U.S. Constitution…what it is and what it means to our very freedom.

In the movie, a captivating statesman from America’s past takes a modern-day family-of-four on a series of wild adventures.

With a spicy mix of humor, magic and logic, he opens their eyes to the origins and importance of the U.S. Constitution, the degree to which it is under attack today and what can and must be done to save it.

Key aspects of the Constitution are clearly outlined and important Amendments—such as those guaranteeing freedom of religion and speech, the right to bear arms, warrants for search and seizure, State’s rights—are shown to be vital in everyday life.